World WiFi Day 2019: Fast, Free Internet for Everyone!

Today, let’s celebrate World WiFi Day 2019!

While we’re enjoying our 100 MBPS download speeds at our home,
there are billions of people out there who do not have access to the Internet.

The idea behind celebrating this day is to support
a global initiative to help bridge the digital divide.

Google, once again, is leading the wave.

Here’s a short, interesting video about
a college student in Indonesia…

Akbar enjoys developing software.

And he always dreamed of supporting his family.

Sadly, he didn’t have access to Wi-Fi at home.

At school, the connectivity was not good either.

In short, it was difficult for him to study online.

But when Google Station came to his college in 2017,
things began to change.

Akbar could not access fast, free and open Wi-Fi to study online.

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Here is a chart for Internet users across the world:

With his hard work and focus,
he was able to become a programmer.

Today, he supports his family.

Let’s go to India where Helen drives an auto-rickshaw.

And uses free Railwire Wi-Fi to download
educational materials for her child.

Meet the railway porter Shrinath, who used Wi-Fi to
study and earn a Village Assistant position.

Google station is helping more than 10 million people
in 1,300 locations across eight nations.

How are you celebrating World WiFi Day 2019?