MPOWR: Melissa Kargiannakis & Skritswap


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At MPOWR, I enjoy talking to entrepreneurs.

Not just your average entrepreneur.

But people who did not have the support or means to dive into the world of business.

Yet, they did.

And proved to themselves that they can do it.

When we talk about entrepreneurship or startups, we immediately think of Silicon Valley, at least, to some extent.

But what if you are a small-town girl living in Northern Ontario, with no experience or family background in businessā€¦

And you dared to dream?

From working as a server to teaching singing.

Driving 8 hours just to attend business meetingsā€¦

You did not quit your day job to be able to pay your bills and help your mom and family.

Silicon Valley was waiting for you…

But you did not have the money to fly.

And you used your Air Miles to make it work…

It all started with an idea- how to make information easy to understand?

In this episode of MPOWR, I talked to Melissa Kargiannakis, founder of Skritswap.

Listen to this amazing entrepreneur who dared to dream and execute her idea!