MPOWR: Chaitanya Hiremath & Scanta


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How often do you meet someone who is living their dream?

A dream that instilled the courage to act.

A dream that forged an unwavering belief to make it happen.

In this episode of MPOWR, I talk with Chaitanya Hiremath, the founder of Scanta.

And for those wondering about the background of Chaitanya, aka, Chad….

Well, he is not a programmer…

Or a software developer…

This young man was a Commerce student in India.

Yet, he created an AR startup that would go on to become the first Indian company to win the 2018 SF Shark Tank Showcase.

And for those of you fearing failure, and talking about backups…

This man came to the US with a one-way ticket, because…

“I didn’t think what if….”

Listen to the Podcast and be inspired.

Dream. Act. Achieve.