How to do Email marketing in 2019: Three POWERFUL Tips!

Digital Marketing in 2019 will see a huge shift.

If you want to get the best return on your investment, choose the omnichannel marketing route.

And email marketing is an important part of a successful omnichannel marketing strategy.

Let’s talk about how to do email marketing in 2019.

In this post, I will walk you through three essential, yet often-ignored email marketing tips, that can get you the right engagement.

But before that…

Why should you even care about an email marketing strategy?

Numbers don’t lie, right?

Well, for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average rate of return is $38.

That’s more than the rate of return of any other digital marketing channel.

So the next time someone says email marketing is dead, you know what to do!

Let’s get started.


Tip 1: Add Value

How does email marketing work?

When you send an email to a user, they can do one of these, generally in this order- open it, click it, unsubscribe, or report it as spam.


So the first thing you should focus on is how can you have the user open your email.

I have observed several businesses using misleading, catchy subject lines to achieve that feat.

This definitely makes the open rates go high.

But that’s only one part of the story.

Until you have the user take an action (click-through) on the email, you have not really won the game.

Users will click links or CTAs in the email ONLY when the email adds “value”.

If the email looks or sounds misleading, users are most likely to unsubscribe or even report it as spam.

When you send an email to a user, ask yourself “Am I adding value to the customer”.

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Tip 2: Respect Privacy

Steer clear of the batch-and-blast email marketing approach.

Strict rules such as the CAN-SPAM are in place to penalize users sending spammy emails.

If a user opts out of an email campaign, please remove them from your email lists.

Not doing so would negatively impact your email metrics, and in worst case,  put you at the risk of being penalized.

Now, I understand that you might have a huge email database, and you’d want to send emails to those users.

And that’s where the next tip comes handy.

Tip3: Segmentation

Email marketing in 2019 is all about adding value, as mentioned earlier.

Segmentation allows you to send emails to the right audience and get better results.

A successful email marketing strategy should look into variables such as age, gender, devices, location or interests to create smaller groups.

Your analytics and email marketing data can give important insights into these variables to make right decisions.

So there you go!

Those were my three tips to be successful at email marketing in 2019.

What tricks or strategies do you use to improve your email marketing?

Leave your comments below.

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