Hiring Tips for 2019: Are you missing out on the BIG THREE?

Did you know that an average business suffers a revenue loss

of upto 2.5% on the time spent bringing a new hire up to speed?

Attrition can have a tremendous impact on your business.

omnidigit hiring tips for 2019

What can you do, as a business owner, to hire right?

Short answer- Start right!

Care to elaborate?

Keep reading….

Why do people apply for a job?


In my experience working in executive roles, I have observed that many of us focus too much on the past experience and education of applicants.

No harm in having an educated, experienced member in your team. I get that.

But in the competitive world that we live in, skills and talent are not rare.

With modern technology, access to resources, and most importantly, the Internet, there has been massive growth and availability of talent across the world.

Job boards and platforms such as LinkedIn have further made the process simpler.

Yet, attrition seems to haunt many businesses.

And that is what had me thinking one day- what can we do better to hire the right people?

I could write essays on this subject, but I believe in “Actionable” stuff than mere strategy.

So here are the three qualities in an applicant that you should focus during the startup interview process. Or for that matter, for any business- small or large.

These might not be directly related to the work domain,

but remember EQ > IQ.

Hiring Tips for 2019: Passion

The most successful people follow their passion; they do not chase money.

Passion separates the best from the rest.

entrepreneurship omnidigit

In fact, I recently talked about how passion is one of the most important elements of entrepreneurship.

A candidate passionate about their job will never get bored, and will always look forward to coming to work.

When you love what you do, it ceases to be a job.

It becomes a lifelong romance.

Skills, experience are all good.

But these don’t breathe life without passion and dedication.

Self Motivation

Whenever I interview people for a position, I look into their hobbies and interests as well.

If someone say they love playing guitar, and then inform you that they have not played it in 5 years, what would you think?

Self-motivated people pursue what they love.

They find the time and resources to stick to their passion.

Remember, earlier I said “lifelong romance”.

USP: Unique Selling Proposition

Yeah, you would hear this term “USP” for products.

I choose to differ.

I think every person should have a USP.

What makes them different?

If given an opportunity, what difference can they make?

What unique skills or talent can they demonstrate in their work?

And please, for the love of God, I am not talking about “strategy”.

100% actionable skills.

I enjoy working with young people, even if they lack the experience.

I feel they often bring a unique perspective that we so-called “seasoned” professionals fail to observe.

A fresh perspective and an unbiased outlook can make all the difference when we focus on innovation.

So those were the three things I value most during the hiring process.

What about you?

Leave your comments below.

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