Growth Hacking Digital Marketing Consulting: Get More Traffic & Revenue!

Can your customers find you online?

If your website is not attracting traffic, let’s face it, your business is not doing well. Sad, but true! growth hacking digital marketing consulting to get you more website traffic

Without traffic, there will be no leads. Without lead generation, sales would not happen.

And finally, that would boil down to “bye bye business.”

No worries! I am here to help you.

I will show you how I used the G.O.Dd.S. framework for my
growth hacking digital marketing consulting with B2B and B2C businesses to help them succeed.

The number of visitors to your website, aka, website traffic, is perhaps the most important metric for a startup.
Think of each visitor as an opportunity (or prospect).

As you start getting more traffic to your blog or site, you would have more opportunities to generate qualified leads.

And then you can perhaps nurture them and address their pain-point through a solution (your product or service).

In other words, turn site traffic into profit.

website traffic leads to conversions which leads to more sales and revenue

Do you know more than 90% of online business start-ups fail within the first 120 days?

What makes the 10% succeed?

If I were to point out one reason, they took the initiative of doing something about their business.

This translates into chalking out a clear digital growth hacking strategy, and implementing it the right way.

If you do not know your destination, the directions would make no sense.

As a growth hacker passionate about digital marketing,
my only goal is to bring more traffic to your website to drive more sales and hence, revenue.

I follow a user-centric approach to digital growth marketing.

I am sure you would agree now that generating traffic is perhaps the most important goal of an online business.

Yeah, I hear you on reaching target audiences (traffic from targeted users)!

That comes later, especially if you are a small business.
I am not implying that you should not strive for quality traffic that converts.

However, if you have just started, the million dollar question is
how to get traffic to your website fast?

Google is the undisputed leader in the Search Engine and Digital Advertising domains.

There are hundreds of factors that determine the position of a website on the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

Did you know that the top 5 URLs on the SERPs get 75% of user clicks?

Users, including you and me, rarely navigate to the second page on Google.

For example, when you search for “flowers” on Google, you would see something like this (based on your location):
google desktop search for keyword flowers

And a similar search using your smartphone would resemble this:

google mobile search for keyword flowers

Try this yourself and see if you care to navigate to the second page or even look down further the top few results.

With roughly three-quarters of Americans (77%) now owning a smartphone,

ranking high on SERPs has become indispensable for business growth.

How does the Google Search Algorithm work?

In Googles own words “You want the answer, not billions of web pages, so Google ranking systems

sort through the hundreds of billions of web pages in our Search index to give you useful and relevant results in a fraction of a second.”

Google uses about 200 factors in their algorithm.
Practically, it is quite overwhelming to work on each one of those 200 factors.

However, some SEO (search engine optimization) techniques work better than others.

There is no denying that if you are not ranking well on Google, you are losing to your competition.

So this is where I come in.

I am passionate about growth and online marketing.

That is why the growth hacker and digital marketing consultant in me does not stop picking my brains to help businesses GROW!

Proof? Here you go…

growth hacking digital marketing consulting example showing google analytics report showing growth in site traffic


In just one month, I was able to drive 16% growth in traffic for one of my clients.

Last year I had a client in the e-commerce domain who wanted to

drive more online purchases in order to boost their revenue.

I implemented a unique Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) growth hack from my G.O.Dd.S. framework

and this is the result they got:

growth hacking digital marketing consulting example showing google analytics report for increase in transactions and revenue

Again, these results did not take years or even months.

I was able to bring 59.47% more sessions, with 188.48% more revenue in just 30 days.

omnidigit nailed it

Hungry for more growth hacking examples?

growth hacking digital marketing consulting google analytics report showing growth in site traffic and revenue

For this B2B SAAS client, I generated 2.88% more traffic and 53.78% more revenue in less than a month.

What was the secret?

I implemented an often-ignored growth hacking traffic strategy
with an AWESOME digital marketing hack.

What I enjoyed, even more, was that it helped me prove (to myself as well)
that a well-planned digital growth marketing strategy
works in every market (this client was from Europe).

Businesses, small and large, hire me to lead their digital marketing teams to realize incredible increases in conversion rates.

We can go on and on, but in a nutshell, I know digital marketing and growth hacking.

This means I can help generate more targeted traffic, convert visitors into customers, and most importantly, help you get higher ROI.

Growth Hacking Digital Marketing Consulting: G.O.Dd.S. Framework!

What is my PITCH to you?

Actually, NONE!

You might be thinking: What’s the catch?

In fact, I urge you to understand three reasons why I might NOT work with you.

But if you are a client (or business) that fits my criteria,
I would leverage my growth hacking digital marketing consulting services
to ensure that your business goes north!

If you have made it this far and want me to work with you,
here is what you can do.

omnidigit are you ready?

Click here:

You will see a form that would prompt you to answer some basic questions about your business.

This is important for me to understand YOU and YOUR business.

Please make sure you complete all fields of the form
so I can get back to you with valuable information.

What’s NEXT?

Once you submit the details,
I will personally look into your information, and evaluate
the digital marketing requirements of your business.

My response time is pretty quick (generally I respond within 24 hours; In case I don’t,
I might be trapped in a flood or a natural disaster!

I will send you my coordinates and you can come and rescue me. Just Kidding!

We will then schedule a day and time to have our first call. omnidigit would you go out with me

This call will help us both understand what we are looking for in each other! Kind of a B2B date

If we both turn out arch enemies,
you would still get some valuable insights about your business.

I will also give you some FREE tips to understand
how you can generate more traffic and higher Return on Investment.

On the other hand,
if we both feel we should work together to help generate
more traffic, conversions, and revenue to your website,
we will go to the next step.

“A Little step may be the beginning of a GREAT JOURNEY”

If you are ready to attract more traffic to your website, and achieve more sales, you are just ONE CLICK away from GROWTH!

That was simple, wasn’t it?

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