Digital Marketing Growth Hacking 2019: OMG This STINKS!

We are the shit… Fertilizing Digital Growth!

Yes, that is our punchline at OmniDigit.

digital marketing growth hacking 2019 omnidigit

Can you market anything using digital marketing and growth hacking strategies in 2019?

In most cases, Yes!

Don’t take my word.

I am excited to talk about a brand that makes BIG money out of sh*t.

Since at OmniDigit growth farm, we proudly promote shit, I felt a compelling reason to talk about another shit-loving innovator in the e-commerce space.

Presenting, all you, Poop lovers, PooPourri.

Their content strategy and messaging are awesome.

Just like at OmniDigit, we have the punch line- We are the s**t, Fertilizing digital growth, the PooPourri team have created an innovative, compelling story-line around the concept of “poop”.

I believe that storytelling is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of digital growth marketing.

Poopourri is an awesome example of storytelling done right in the modern age.

I always enjoy writing and speaking about growth hacking success stories.

PooPourri’s CEO, Suzy Batiz, built this $300M empire after going through two bankruptcies.

That’s true entrepreneurship.

Here is a video where we discuss why businesses fail.

The Website: Visual Done right!

The website is essentially an e-commerce story with storytelling at the core of its strategy.

When you visit the website, you will see a hero video showing a woman running to the toilet.

A few seconds later, a newsletter would appear.

Check out how they have designed the newsletter in the form of poop.

poopourri website hero banner

And the messaging is tongue and cheek “Join the Potty”.

The use of a fun-styled newsletter popup is great for engagement, unlike the annoying popups common on a number of websites.

The website has a minimalist design and easy navigation- an important part of conversion rate optimization.

There are a few elements on the website that might need some love in terms of technical SEO (search engine optimization).

But we will talk about that in a different post.

poopourri product page

The Shopping page

Their primary store page is laid out more like a Pinterest-layout, with the image-height being more than its width.

While the layout is simplistic and easy to use, it could be improved by making better use of real estate on that page so the user does not have to scroll too much.

As you know, I am a big believer in conversion rate optimization.

When I clicked on the first product “Call of the Wild”, it took me to another page.

I enjoyed reading the description of the product (see highlighted in red).

poopourri item page

The use of reviews just under the product description helps build trust.

Social icons and sharing under the “add to cart” button is also useful.

I absolutely loved looking at the section under the product that starts with “Poo Fanatics also bought”.

poopourri suggested products

The page ends with the section covering- details, how to use, ratings and reviews, and what’s inside.

All great features.

The functionality itself could be improved for better UX.

PooPourri FAQ Page: Amazing Storytelling

Several websites think of the FAQ page as one of the most boring parts of their website content.

In fact, the FAQ page is seen as a page for “boring info”.

PooPourri doesn’t agree.

The page heading itself does not say “FAQ”.

The usage of “frequently asked q’s about poo” at the beginning of the page is a smart way of getting the reader’s attention, unlike the boring “Frequently Asked Questions” labels.

The FAQ page is an important information part of your website.

It need not be always written in a strict, serious tone.

While not every business can use OmniDigit or PooPourri-like tongue in cheek tone, you can certainly play around fun ideas to make content more appealing to the reader.

Content Marketing: Humor Reigns Supreme

As I mentioned earlier, this website and product are built around clever storytelling.

Content is the key here.

The home page hero greets you with “it’s coming…” message.

And then we have the “National Poop Day” messaging.

Some of us might find content like this unprofessional.

But it is hard to forget such messages.

And that is why I decided to write this blog post.

I had thought about writing this article back in October 2018 but chose to attend to other business calls.

Had PooPourri been a conventional brand with traditional messaging,

I might not have revisited to romance it with from a digital marketing and growth hacking perspective.

There are hundreds of sprays and essential oils out there competing for shelves in stores and for brand recognition online.

And the best (and often a less expensive way) is to work around storytelling that resonates with people.

If you have a brand that people can say yes or no, but cannot forget, you have won the battle.

Content done smartly is an important strategy in digital marketing and growth hacking in 2019 and beyond.

After all, who likes to read boring, generic content?

poopourri pricing structure

Pricing: Twist to the conventional, boring three-tier pricing names

Pricing is an important aspect of an online brand.

Most businesses, including OmniDigit, follows a three-tier pricing structure.

You will most likely see pricing tiers grouped as small, medium, enterprise; or silver, gold, platinum.

PooPourri plays a clever twist to the conventional pricing naming.

Their tires read- New to Poo, Getting To Know Poo, and Tried & True Poo.

I am sure you will not have a hard time recalling these names whenever you think of pricing.

Live Chat Box

With the availability of plug and play, customizable chatbots, having a live chat option on your website should not be difficult.

More than 60% mobile users expect a website to have a live chat option.

poopourri live chat box

PooPourri has a regular-looking live chat box.

But it stands out, yet again, because of its content.

The chat box reads- Let’s talk sh*t.

Check out the messaging inside of the live chat box.

I also like the words- Click here for epic customer service.

Hard to ignore, right?

Social Media Marketing Strategy

PooPourri-like content when mixed with the right social media marketing strategy, becomes a powerful digital growth marketing tactic.

You can nail social media marketing with this kind of content.

Social media enthusiasts love out-of-the-box content.

That is why brands such as 9Gag command millions of likes and followers across social media channels.

PooPourri’s Facebook page has done social media marketing the right way.

poopourri facebook video post

One of their latest posts read- That extra cup of coffee coming back to bite you in the butt.

It is part of their “National Poop Day” campaign.

That’s the same video featured on the website hero background.

Another recent gif post reads- It’s almost National Poop Day (2/4)… what food are you most excited to eat this Sunday during the Big Game? ?

Their Facebook page has over 245K likes.

PooPourri’s Instagram page has over 30k followers.

It looks like their customer shares the same love for fun and humor.

poopourri instagram customer comment

“After 43 years of marriage, this item is a godsend.”

Funny, right?

They nailed it with their “Girls don’t poop” video on Youtube.

This video generated 41M views and over 11k comments.

When you have a comment like “whoever wrote this script was a genius”, you certainly know you have a win there.

CSR: Giving is good

I always advocate giving back to society.

As entrepreneurs and growth hackers, it is our responsibility to help make society better.

PooPourri’s CSR page starts with a fun, yet, powerful messaging.

poopourri csr page intro

Some of their projects include 100 Things- A helping project, Lotus Outreach International: GATE Scholarship Program,

and World Toilet Organization: Rainbow Toilet Program.

You can read more about these on their CSR page, linked above.


We love humor and fun.

In this age when our lives are stressful and hectic, finding joy in small things matters a lot.

That is why startups such as PooPourri addressing a consumer pain-point and using a light-hearted messaging stand out.

Think out of the box when trying to create a content marketing strategy in your digital marketing plan.

Brands should be sincere about their offering and customer experience.

But they should deploy banter and humor in their messaging.

The only warning and suggestion- Do it right!

Stay tuned for more growth hacking success stories.

When growth hacking marries digital marketing, the result is AWESOME!

How do you use humor in your content marketing strategy?

Leave your comments below!


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