Corona Hard Seltzer Ad Amid Coronavirus: Bad Timing!

Coronavirus has done massive damage across the world…

From claiming lives to affecting economies, the global epidemic
has shocked the world.

Internet communities and conspiracy theorists are even
discussing if
Coronavirus is part of political propaganda.

While at OmniDigit, we found the ad to be in poor taste, we decided
to look around and see how others are reacting to the ad.

Corona Hard Seltzer Ad: Social Outlook

A twitter user said that Corona Beer is exploiting a real global health crisis. 

Constellation Brands spokesperson Maggie Bowman didn’t quite
agree with the resentment about the newly launched ad.

She said that “While we empathize with those who have been
impacted by this virus and continue to monitor the situation, our consumers,
by and large, understand there’s no linkage between the virus
and our business

We understand there is no connection between Corona (beer)
and coronavirus.

However, Google searches for “corona beer virus,” “beer virus,”
and “beer coronavirus”  have started trending globally.

We believe that timing is an important aspect of Marketing & Advertising.

Do you feel the same about the Corona Hard Seltzer Ad?