How Artificial Intelligence Affects Digital Marketing: Rise of the Machines!

by Shashank S

Humans marrying robots?

AI researcher David Levy at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands believes that by 2050,
human and robot marriages will be made legal.

Well, I’m not into that!
(I prefer women in flesh and bones over robots).

The logic behind this strong claim is that we tend to fall in love because of similarities in personality, knowledge, and reciprocity.

Law Firm Digital Marketing: The Definitive Guide [2018]

by Shashank S
law firm digital marketing guide omnidigit

I am sure you would agree that
the law field is competitive.

In 2016 alone,
there were more than 1.3 Million lawyers in the United States.

No wonder, if you are a small law firm,
you would like to make it to the top (or at least the first page) of Google.


Think about this.
As a user looking for, say an injury lawyer,
would you navigate to the second page of Google?